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Every love relationship goes through different phases- both good and bad. When you know that your love relationship is in a bumpy spot, think that strong and successful love relationships doesn’t happen by chance, rather both people have to put in a lot of efforts, specific skills and actions which strengthen your relationships.

Here’s your guide on a few fruitful approaches through which you can to strengthen and enhance your struggling love relationship.

Check Out the 11 Fruitful Approaches to Strengthen & Improve Your Struggling Love Relationship:

  1. Your Relationship Must Be Your Top Priority: Remember that love relationships are just like living things- they are either evolving with the passing years or fading away.  A love relationship evolves and prospers if you and your partner make efforts to make it work and nurture it.  While your relationship is struggling badly, it is often a sign that it has been neglected. To reinforce and improve a struggling love relationship, you should make it the top priority of your life.
  • Disappointment Are Bound to Happen in Each Love Relationship: Disappointment usually occur when your expectations do not fully match the reality. Two people are different and have different outlooks towards everything, so there will always be differences in their expectations. So, disappointments are bound to happen in all sorts of love relationships. Accept the fact that disappointment will happen.  Choose to concentrate on the aspects that have met your expectations and have even brought in unexpected blessings.
  • Avoid Making Insulting Comments & Giving Criticizing Remarks: Keep in mind that the words you choose to use are extremely powerful and as you pass a critical remark on your partner or your love relationship, you are causing a big damage to your relationship. Even in mutually beneficial relationships like sugar dating, both the partners have to be polite with each other and they cannot pass insulting comments & criticizing remarks on your partner. So, leave the habits that damage your relationship, particularly as you feel annoyed and disappointed. Make use of words which show respect, love, and hope and plant the right seeds that makes your love relationship grow in the right way.
  • Don’t Fly Solo: Thinking just about yourself and not contributing in your relationship is a passive-aggressive approach which might look neutral, but is extremely damaging for your relationship. Every time you ignore, stop and decline to participate, you are not giving your bit in this relationship. It is a power-play planned to collapse the opposition, thereby keeping your love relationship in a “me versus you” dynamic. But for a love relationship to endure and blossom in the right direction, it has to be a teamwork kind of commitment to each other.
  • Stay Away From the Blame Game: No one wins the blame game ever. Even if you win to blame all your issues on your partner and you still are stuck with the same issues and the feelings which come along with them then, the blame game hasn’t really helped you in anyway rather has damaged your relationship even more.  The only ways to get through this situation is finding solutions to this problem and take full responsibility of the parts you play in this relationship.  Stop blaming each other and create the relationship you both want it to be.
  • Do Not Try to Change Your Partner: The only way to change a love relationship is to completely accept that you can never change anybody else except yourself.  As you fully accept this fact, the sooner you will start healing and evolve together.  Every individual want to be loved and accepted the way we are.  As your partner feels that you are not proud or satisfied with them and appreciate the way they are then, they might feel supported to make changes in themselves willingly. Concentrate on changing and improving yourself first.
  • Focus on Those Qualities of Your Partner That You Love & Respect: Try to think about the moments, memories and key reasons why your partner became extremely special and important for you. Believe that all those qualities are still true and intact.  Just hold those moments, memories and key reasons in your heart and let yourself feel the love, satisfaction and respect that you felt that time once again.  Go back to those moments and rejuvenate your commitment to make your love relationship stronger.
  • Never Doubt Your Partner’s Intentions: While we feel hurt and disappointed, we will make our partner look like a villain. Never doubt on your partner’s intentions, but the information they are acting on is wrong or the impact is upsetting.
  • Learn to Forgive Your Partner: Forgiveness does not really mean that you give permission for someone to ill-treat you, rather this means that you accept that both of you are doing the best you both can to make this relationship work.  When we let down and hurt each other, it is not intentional.  Forgive that your partner does not know better approaches to love you till now.  Forgiveness is you commit to just let go of the hurt of the past and make room for new possibilities in the future.
  1. Stay Fully Present In Your Relationship: There is a big difference between you being in the same room and being fully present in the relationship. Being fully present in the relationship means that while your partner speaks, you do not suppose you already know exactly what they think.  You start listening for what you have not understood till now.
  1. Listen to & Understand Your Partner: Tell your partner that you might have not listened to you properly in the past and this has hurt you both and this relationship.  You might not have fully understood what is happening, but you want to understand.  You want to know your partner well and what is important for them and you will keep listening to your partner as long as it takes.

Do you know any other way to make struggling love relationships successful and strong than before? Which of the above mentioned approaches do you think is the most helpful? Do follow the tips and comment below to share your views about it.

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