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It is very important to find different and unique ways to sustain your connection with your partner. Many individuals possibly struggle sometimes with connecting with each other and sustaining a real spark with every passing day. You might get irritated with finding exceptional date night ideas or struggle to talk about something new over dinner. Possibly you and your partner do not feel connected, which is stopping the spark to come back.

Getting the spark back in the relationship is a very complex process, as it involves mental connection, sexual chemistry, emotional warmth, fun and impulsiveness, friendship and a lot more. As the spark starts to sputter, it is quite normal for couples to feel frightened, irritated and even depressed. We end up expecting too much from our partner and relationship and at times we can get devastated while we are not feeling close.

Couples have to disconnect themselves from the expectation that happiness must be easy or that their relationships do not require work as the spark begins to fizz. Our spark has to be reignited from time to time.

Know why it is Essential to Find Unique Approaches to Connect with Your Partner:

#1 Refreshes Your Relationship: Long-term relationships often get boring or stagnate conveniently. It is quite common to get trapped in the routine stress and pressures, which is why we often forget to foster our relationship like we used to do in the starting of your relationship. Finding different ways to connect can assist you both get encouraged to flirt, forget routine pressures and give priority your relationship. Ensure that at least for a day per week or an hour daily you will spend time together without any external disruptions. Try to cook dinner together when you talk, listen to music or drink wine. Go for a walk together daily and eat one meal together without your phones!

#2 Fall in love With Each Other Again: Falling in love with each other is something that couples sometimes ignore while we are in a long-term relationship. We usually miss the butterflies, the dating experience and overall experience to know about each other and integrating our lives together. When you realize this, you might remember the reasons when and why you initially fell in love with each other. Doing this will solidify your bond, keep you both feel reconnected and refreshes your overall relationship! Tell each other a few things every day which you are thankful for that your partner did or have done before for you. Verbally saying to each other the things you value enable your partner to feel valued and appreciated that assists both of you get out from the pothole of taking benefit of each other.

#3 Allow you to be Weak with Each Other: You might fail to realize this, but no matter how long you have been together, you are still trying to build safety and susceptibility in your relationship. Possibly the initial vulnerable obstacle says that you loved each other, then it might lead to an occasional beep in bed and then it got very heavy when either of you lost a job or a close family member. We are always evolving and transforming and life is continuously moving. Every new day, month and year triggers new challenges and new experiences. Vulnerability is very important for every successful relationship and when we put into effect our vulnerable selves in the relationship, we are truly developing more and more faith in each other. Do any activity like sky diving, karaoke etc., with each other once every month, once a quarter or season which you both have never done before. Constantly push your limits and strengthen vulnerability.

#4 Allow You to Know More about Each Other: You might believe that you know everything about each other, but that is not true, instead you become lazy and forgot to explore more about each other. Your partner evolves constantly and there is always something new about your partner to be curious about. Trying to understand more about each other assists you both stay curious about each other. Curiosity is sexy and grows desire! Take professional counseling even though you might not be fighting and allow the therapist to pose prompt questions to both of you for processing and discover together. Counseling is not meant to fix your relationship, rather it is a safe place for both of you to improve your struggling love relationship and prevent future problems.

So, remember the time when you started dating each other and follow the above mentioned tips to connect with your partner in a better way.

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