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It can be very maddening if you frequently feel like you are falling in love with a new guy or girl and then they doesn’t feel the same or the relationship will fail. You think why it is so simple for you to just give your heart up to anyone who do not appreciate the fact and why you keep falling for the wrong person.

Not each women or men are like this. Can you look back at your previous different relationships and observe a pattern of you falling hard for a girl or a guy in just few weeks? If so then, you might have the pattern to get attached very soon. The main issue with the emotional attachment is that it looks like love but it is not love.

But the major difference between love and emotional attachment is that you might have a damaging need which makes you feel connected to this girl or guy. You might panic if he or she does not answer your message right away. This is not love and love is not selfish.

Love is more about balance and it can happen only when two people want each other and can stand independently without one another. People that are in love want to give love to one another, not take. Now that we have cleared up why emotional attachment in a relationship is not a good thing, let us have a quick look at few of the important reasons why you get so emotionally attached to a prospective partner quickly.

Check Out the Key Reasons Why Individuals Quickly Get Emotionally Attached With your Prospective Partners:

  • Encountered Rejection in your Childhood: Feeling ignored in childhood can lead to emotional attachment, that doesn’t really mean that you were left all alone as a child, instead your parents might not be available when you needed them the most. So, it still affects you in your love relationships. Having a history of rejections during your childhood, will make you pull people towards you speedily and scared of losing them. You might subconsciously attract men or women that do not give themselves totally, you will take their approval for everything, get dependent on them and start feeding off of it. Such individuals are not meant for love relationship and they might leave you when they are bored with fulfilling your needs. You have to realize that you are not at all helpless and you can take right and strong decisions for yourself. You have to open your heart out to the person that wants to be with you totally and who is ready to open up and give themselves to you. Building long-term love relationships take some time, so enjoy the process.
  • You Get Attracted to Shiny Qualities of Your Potential Partner: A hot girl or guy can discourage you from finding an ideal partner. It is very simple to get attracted by a guy’s or girl’s external features, but be careful about those features compelling you that you are in love. There are many individuals that get involved into sugar daddy dating, by getting attracted with the luxurious lifestyle of the sugar daddies. But you need to understand that none of these external qualities are that important and love-worthy! Usually, the very first thing you noticed and got attracted to that guy or girl in the beginning makes the relationship complicated in future. But as the love relationship progresses, you end up spending less time together as he’s over ambitious and works continuously. Get to know the potential partner beyond their external feature and then find out whether they are worth of your time or not.
  • You Depend on Others for Your Own Happiness: Waiting for your partner to take responsibility of making you happy is not right. Several individuals are uncertain about how to take care of their emotional needs and so they desperately get attached to the first guy or girl that gives them a little attention. Always remember that you are the one who is responsible for your happiness and you must be in 100% control of it. Just own your happiness. So, understand the power you hold guys and girls and you determine your own happiness. If this person brings you happiness then, try to know him or her and let the love happen with time.
  • Being Single is Being Sad: Having a man or woman would not make you happy, it has to come from inside. Many individuals think that if they are single then, they are sad or incomplete. Many individuals find themselves getting emotionally attached very quickly in love relationships as they so desperate to not being single and so they end up falling for a wrong partner often. But when you get happy with your single life then, a guy or girl will come in your life unexpectedly and love you like no one. One has to accept the fact you can be happy without getting dependant only your prospective partner and they will surely get attracted back to a strong and emotionally stable person.

The very first step to change this situation is to recognize once you have feelings which are over the top to the amount of time you have spent with a guy or girl and just note them and with time you will realize that is this love or a mere attraction. Listen to your instinct and set your standards high. As when the love is true, it will feel right.

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