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We all know and are experiencing that the digital revolution in full swing, which has changed our world drastically and our routine life is now totally entrenched with technology.  Many individuals get fascinated to know how technology and the internet blows love relationships, but it also has the potential to improve or hamper love relationships.Many couples feel that technology is spoiling their love relationships a lot. Technology definitely allows you to constantly stay in touch with friends and family around the world, but it can also hamper healthy and safe functioning in your love relationship.  If technology is affecting your love relationship then, your relationship needs a digital detoxification, which means keeping your digital devices aside to reconnect with your partner

Scroll below to understand the vital signs that indicate it’s time for you to give your love relationship a proper digital detoxification!

Explore the Vital Indications That Ensures That Your Love Relationship Must Be Detoxicated Digitally:

  • Lack of Connection with Your Partner: The very first thing you must think about is the quality of the connection with your partner in your love relationship.  If you think that you are feeling disconnected, alone or lonely in your love relationship then, take care of these feelings.  One of the best aspects of getting a digital detox is that as you make less use of your digital devices for some time, you and your partner will naturally start moving towards each other, spending quality time with each other and reconnect again. This is very important to have a safe, fun and healthy love relationship.  If your partner is very important to you then, show him/her that your love relationship and your partner is important than anything else in the world for you.
  • Keep Checking Your Phone Even When You Are In Restaurant With Your Partner: Presently, couples in cafes and restaurants hardly speak with each other and just keep peeping into their Smartphones to click selfies, post check-in info, post pictures and what not, without realizing that your digital devices are affecting the quality time you are getting to spend with your partner.  Make sure that you to eat your meal without checking your phone when you go out with your partner.  Enjoy getting reconnected with your partner, ask how their day was, make plans for your upcoming vacations or share your personal & professional dreams for the future with each other. Getting your relationship detoxicated digitally strengthens your relationship bond, intensify your understanding about your partner and boost your emotional intimacy.
  • Interacting with Friends On Social Media More Than Your Partner: Individuals today are just glued to their Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and other popular social media channels and keep talking to their friends and family for more than 12 hours every day.  Our lives have never been so public previously nor did we know so much about our friends and family and this information gets shared the moment it has happened. If you love to stay constantly connected online with your friends & family then, make sure that your communication with your partner is in balance or not. Take a break from your social media world and concentrate again on your relationship and recreate your connection. This will help you reap great rewards by spending quality time with each other.
  • Keep Your Mobile Devices In Bed With You: This is one of the major issues for many couples across the globe.  The smartphone, iPad or tablet in the bed has a direct impact on your sex life and sex drives.  Do whatever you want to do on your smartphone, iPad or tablet before going to the bed, but keep your bedroom strictly for sleeping or having sex.  If you’re still stuck with your smartphone, iPad or tablet then, get ready to lose your bond and love with your partner.

The digital revolution will keep evolving with every passing day, but must not affect your love relationship.  Use the above explained digital detox process on a regular basis to refocus, reconnect and strengthen your love relationship with your partner.

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