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A new phenomenon which is happening in the online dating world presently is- when your potential men text you and makes all the possible efforts to win you over, but as you respond him back positively, he doesn’t actually say nor do anything on it.

It feels like he was just looking to get you to reply back to him or he just wants sex from you.

Speaking of the mixed signals in dating landscape, a lot of amazing, sexy and confident women think like you as your potential men send mixed signals to you.

But why men send mixed signals? Well, the reasons vary from one man to another. At times men do not have any idea about what they want exactly or it’s all miscommunication or they are playing head games with you and your emotions.

You might never get to know the exact reason behind it, but you can at least find right ways to handle it.

So, this post enables all you sexy and confident women out there to do a little analysis and decoding to help you understand these mixed signals.

How Women Can Decode The Mixed Signals Sent By Their Potential Men Clearly?

1. Check His Insecurity Levels: Insecure and immature men seek confirmation from women and as men get to know what they want exactly and they will get it, without wasting their time or sending mixed signals to any other women.

Age doesn’t really decide whether a man is a boy or a man enough. Everything just boils down to his maturity and insecurity levels. If you are dating a nervous and immature guy that doesn’t really want to do anything more than just dating you half-heartedly then, move on & find a real man, as you deserve that.

If you think that your potential guy is playing emotional games with you and just want you to run after him then, he is definitely insecure and in search for validation! Ignore such guys and move on.

2. Be Considerate: If you are receiving mixed signals from your potential guy then, you cannot automatically imagine that he is a jerk. You might not have any idea about what is going on in his life or maybe he is recovering from a previous relationship or going through his divorce proceedings, which is stopping him to open up to you instantly.

There could be a dozen things which might be happening about which you don’t know probably. Try to know him better and then he might soon open up about what is stopping him to communicate with you with all his heart and become a better partner.

3. Speak With Him Personally: If you are irritated about the mixed signals that your potential man is giving you then, talk to him about it personally. The best approach to find out how he feels about you is to speak with him personally.

Having a conversation through text won’t really work, as you are reading lot of lengthy messages by him or you misinterpreted his tone. But you also need to watch his face to observe how he is speaking about his emotions. Avoid using your phone to have real conversations with your potential man to know how you feel about your potential man or how he feels about you.

If you are not serious about him or you find out that he is not interested in you then, move on. In case you believe that this man is worth your time, efforts & emotions then, it is better to have a face-to-face conversation with him about you getting irritated because of his mixed signals.

Well, this post cannot stop your potential men from sending you mixed signals, but at least these tips will empower you to identify a few potential reasons for what he is doing and ways to handle it for a man that is all worth the effort.

Share your views in the comments below and tell us more about what sort of mixed signals you have received from the potential men you’re dating online!

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