You find and get plenty of suggestions on how to survive a struggling relationship or a breakup, but have you thought of what about the situations wherein you need to let go of your dream guy or girl you are interested in and hardly know? Possibly you have started feeling for someone with whom you have chatted online recently, but then it crackled before the first date.

Or you went out on many dates with him or her, but it did not materialized into anything serious and your feelings are not mutual. Possibly this individual has caught your attention and you just can’t stop thinking about her or him.

Irrespective of the specifics, you might be getting obsessed about him or her and feeling stuck and cannot move on.

Don’t worry! This post brings in a few effective tips to move on and get over someone that you don’t know really well, but are strongly drawn to!

Primary Tips to Move On With the Fantasy of Dating Your Dream Guy or Girl:

  • Be Kind with Yourself During This Rejection Process: Allow yourself to feel and accept the pain of rejection without avoiding the way you feel. Rejection and loss hurts. You might also find it weird to have strong feelings for someone whom you don’t know well and getting rejected by someone whom you never met or hardly know is quite hurtful. It is quite obvious to feel upset when something very exciting does not work out as expected. Acknowledge your feelings without getting judgmental about yourself. If you can feel your emotions then, they will pass very soon, you can easily move on and date other guys freely.
  • Recognize How Your Emotions For Him Or Her Are Based On Your Fantasy: You can feel upset about the relationship not working out in the desired way. But it is important to understand that the majority of your feelings towards him or her and your thoughts about them are coming from your own story. It is possible that you are romanticizing how it would be like to date you dream guy or girl, making them more tempting than in reality. We are very good at theorizing, presuming and building stories. Just accept the reality. This person might actually be a stranger than a friend and what you are fantasizing about is not correct, so just let go of your thoughts and finding how they impact your feelings, are very important steps to move on in life.
  • Focusing On Only One Person Will Bind You and Won’t Let You Go On Dates With or Speak With Other Individuals: Getting obsessed about a specific guy or girl will make you less approachable to other prospective partners. You might avoid dating totally or feel unenthusiastic. If you go on dates then, you might be closed, unfocused and uninterested without actually giving your dates a fair chance to know you. You might compare each prospective partner to the person you are fantasizing, leading you to be additionally choosy and tough on others. Staying aware about these outcomes is important to move on and let go.
  • Acceptance is the Key: Allow yourself to feel sad, disappointed and uninterested and take a quick break from dating to heal and fine-tune your expectations. Accept the reality and letting go of this person might feel like a momentary setback, but staying allied with your objectives and values might lead to confidence and planned actions.

Getting over your dream guy or girl who you didn’t know really well might not be like ending a long-term relationship, but it can is still difficult to forget.

Respond to your thoughts, fantasies and feelings in a healthy manner and accept the reality as you again tap into your fantasy world, this will help relieve your pain and enable you to get back on your life and enjoy it.

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