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Are you dating someone or have fallen in LOVE and planning to MOVE IN together with him or her? But moving in together is a big decision to make whether you both have been in relationship for years or you feel that he or she is your ideal partner.  

Relax! This post enriches you with some really fruitful ways to assess whether you are ready to take this big step (moving in) or not.

Check Out the Key Tips to Know You Both Are Ready For Moving in Together:

  • Genuine Feelings for Each Other: If you are not completely love-struck with your partner then, merging your lives and spaces together will be a big challenge. Once you start living in the same place, you will see each other at your best and worst of things. If you still feel like curling up in bed next to your partner at the end of an irritable and stressful day then, making a move is the next logical step. You both need to have genuine feelings and love for each other to move in together, so that you enjoy being with each other and sharing your lives with each other like never before.
  • Have Lived Together for Many Nights Already: Do you already have a key to his or her place? If you have already spent quite a few nights together then, the transition to move in will come naturally to you both. You have seen the bed hair, routine habits and sleeping patterns of each other and you are totally comfortable with each another.
  • Need the Similar Things from the Relationship: Prior to moving in together, ensure that you both are on the same page- relationship-wise and both of you are heading in the similar direction when it comes to commitment.
  • Fought With Each Other Many Time And Sorted Things Out: Think how you both handled the situation when you had one or more bad fights or arguments. Good conflict solving skills are very important when you live in close quarters. So, think wisely about this before moving in!
  • Had Financial Discussions: This is an uncomfortable topic to discuss about, but it can lead to major conflict if ignored. Before merging your expenditures think about the financial condition of the both of you, in what ways you both will split the monthly or yearly expenses, do you both want to have a joint account and a lot more. The thought of living together is romantic, but the practical side also needs detailed discussion to come to a thoughtful decision.
  • Discuss Expectations: Prior to moving in together, honestly discuss about your expectations for routine things. Each of you can’t read each other’s mind, so you need to tell n discuss things in advance. If you fail to do so then, you will end up disappointed.
  • Successfully Enjoyed Vacations Together: A weeklong vacation will help you decide things together, handle finances and unexpected change of plans and stress. When you are super tanned and drunk in an unknown place, but you both still enjoy each other’s company then, you can move in together.
  • You Both Can Honestly Talk to Each Other: Inactive-assertiveness, silent treatments and silent expectations will just hurt a relationship. If you both are thinking to live together then, honesty is definitely the best policy.

Living in the same place can be the most amazing experience, but if you have any doubts assess it by following the above explained before just jumping into it blindly.

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