Couples in Conflict

Communication is the key to make any love relationship successful. You might be very vocal about how you feel about something like happiness, fear, stress, sadness or anger.

That might sometimes lead to major fights between you and your partner, but what you need to do is try and see the other side of the story, even if you strongly believe that you are right. No couple is perfect and they do fight despite of loving each other so much.

Scroll below to get a quick overview on how to find the major reasons behind the fights in your relationship.

Know How to Find the Primary Reasons behind the Fights in Your Love Relationship:

  • Listen to Your Partner’s Side Properly: If you think that your partner is having impractical demands from you or if there are unsettled problems then, you need to find some time to sit down and talk with each other about it. Neither of you wants open up the old wounds, but if you don’t treat those wounds on time and in the right manner then, it will lead to a big fight latter and bitterness will grow to another level. If you know that a major fight between you both will slow down your lives together then, handle the fight by coming closer as a couple and by starting to know how your partner reacts under pressure. You both have not been the best at communicating previously after a fight, but you need to change the way you both interact together. You both have to listen keenly and understand properly to what your partner feels, this will help you find out the right solution that will keep you both happy in the relationship.
  • Unaware That Your Partner is Not Happy: You might not want to listen to your partner as she or he entertains the entire argument from his or her perspective, but always remember that listening and good communication is a mutual thing and you both have to understand even if you do not agree to it fully. Possibly your fights have deeper base that is quite simple to solve. If your partner is not happy then, make efforts to know the reasons behind his or her unhappiness and try to make them happy. This will improve your bond with each other.
  • Never Hold the Anger: There are might be a few issues that have kept you angry, but you need to hold fast before you explode. But this does not mean that it is the best time for you to bring your unexpressed emotions out. Timing is very important and if you have been angry about something from a really long time then, you both need some time to cool down. This will help you to understand what is the most important, to calm down yourself and stop you from saying something which you do not really mean. Think what you actually want from your partner and be very clear about it, so that you can make him or her understand it and bring clarity about the situation. Solve the conflicts with calm and composed mind because anger won’t solve the problem rather it would add more fire to it.
  • Think Practically Rather Than Emotionally: When you are in a fight, it very tough to stay calm. You might be talking about many different problems simultaneously and this will just add confusion. Almost every couple does not agree with each other on everything and then they keep fighting over things constantly. If there are certain things which you actually need from the relationship then, you must get ready to actually say it to your partner and tell him or her briefly how you both can make things better.

Fights happen due to several internal & external reasons, therefore your plan of action to resolve the issues must be perceptive and well calculated, if you want to make things better.

There is a huge scope for misinterpretations, fights and miscommunications between the couples in a love relationship, but you both must respect the change even if you do not like it.

Accept that you and your partner have different opinions in a healthy way and if you both have a strong & romantic connection and the foundation of your love relationship is strong then, these fights will never come between you.

All you need to do is act wisely in such complicated situations and increase the love with every passing day for each other.

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