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What if your potential girl is finally single again and is in for a rebound? Then you can be the guy whom she chooses, but make sure to protect yourself while dating a girl that is on the rebound.

You have liked this special girl for years, but she has always been in a love relationship. Good news it is for you that she’s now single, so this is your time to jump in and begin dating a girl that is on the rebound. Sounds quite easy, right? You just meet her and she hugs you and says that she was waiting only for you.

Well, this possibly won’t happen just like that and even if it happens like that, great! But you cannot get into a relationship with this girl blindly. You might believe that rebound relationships are filled with sex and is easy, but till you get to know how to secure yourself, you leave yourself all open to the world of hurt.

Key Things to Consider For Happily Dating & Not Hurting a Girl That Is On a Rebound:

So, before you speedily get into a rebound relationship, you must know a few things that you must remember prior to becoming a rebound. There is nothing wrong about being a rebound and is very easy to grow feelings for people that do not want the same things like you in love relationships.

If you are thinking to date a girl that is on the rebound then, you must be emotionally ready for it. Below mentioned are few tips to happily date & not hurt a girl that is on a rebound:-

  • Listen to her, if she is trying to moving on from her ex and ex love relationship then, there is no sense trying to force her in a relationship with you. Keep it relaxed, enjoy it and take it slow to keep you safe from getting hurt.
  • There are a few cases where rebounds develop into long-term relationships but usually, you are just a stepping stone to their next relationship. You must understand that you are just meant to enjoy with her and do not expect anything else from her. She is definitely not in search for a serious relationship.
  • When your girl is on rebound she is not totally over her ex, no matter what she says because her breakup has just happened. If she is saying that she’s fine and all set for a serious relationship then, she is not telling the truth. She will need some time to get over her ex.
  • Once you understand what you want, make sure that it is on the same page as her. You need to understand her as she won’t want to ask you to do this or that. Otherwise, you will never get to know what she is actually looking for. Find out whether she needs to be in a friends-with-benefits relationship or what exactly she feels about you and then figure out your next move.
  • Individuals are not always straight up, even if you are clear and honest with them. Evaluate the risks of this rebound relationship beforehand. Think whether it is actually worth start dating her or do you have feelings for her? If you do then, do you actually want to get over-involved in a relationship she is not 100% invested in?
  • As you understand what she and you want from this relationship, you need to set boundaries for yourself. Do you allow sleepovers in this relationship or will you both go on date or keep it a sex-only relationship? Making boundaries are very important if you do not want to get hurt.
  • You might not want her to go back to her ex, but the breakup is very fresh and there are chances that she will go back to her ex. Generally, breakups are not very clear and it’s not very unusual for people to breakup several times prior to finally calling it quits. So, this might just be one of those times.
  • You know that she has just come out of a relationship, so there is definitely no sense investing yourself in her. She has many things going on in her mind and presently she might not be looking for any sort of drama, rather she needs something relaxed and fun. If you also want the same thing from this relationship then, go ahead. If not then, don’t get into it.

Dating a girl that is on the rebound is not a bad thing, only if you set boundaries and expectations in advance & enjoy the time you get to spend with her.

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